Nacho Cheese Supplies

Rico's Hot N Easy Nacho Cheese

Rico's Hot & Easy Nacho Cheese Sauce

aseptically processed ready-to-serve jalapeño cheddar cheese sauce made with real cheddar cheese. It is a smooth and delicious product packaged in a clear 140 oz dispenser pouch that allows you to see what you serve. Each pouch comes with a disposable dispensing tube and is ideal for concession and foodservice use. Trans fat free, gluten free and 0% cholesterol.



Rico's Nacho Cheese Cups $33.95/Case(48)

Rico's Nacho Cheese Cups

Rico's Nacho Cheese Sauce Portion Cup is an aseptically processed ready-to-serve cheddar & jalapeño cheese sauce made with real cheddar cheese. Includes 48 - 3.5ounce cups of smooth and delicious product. Enjoy our theatre-style formula that can now be yours at home or on-the-go in an individual cup. Great hot or cold! 

Del Sol Jalapenos $7.50/Gallon

Del Sol Jalapenos

 reshly Sliced Jalapeno Peppers.  Adds Great Flavor and Crunch to Nachos and Burritos.   

Snack King Nacho Chips $25.00/Case(48)

Snack King Nacho Chips

Portion Pak chips open up a gold mine of opportunity for the individual sale in every type of concession stand. Always fresh and always delicious. Nacho Chips packed 48 - 3 oz. bags per cs 

Large Nacho Trays

Nacho Trays

Presentation is everything, but so is convenience. This easy-to-carry molded plastic tray has it all – it’s durable, attractive and the perfect fit for portion pak cheese cups. Can be used in a warming merchandiser.  Size 6" x 8"



Gold Medal Cheese Dispenser

5300 Gold Medal Cheese Dispenser

This dispenser is a great one stop machine for your nacho cheese or chili dispensing needs! The El Nacho Grande Dispenser has virtually no clean up needs, a pre-heating area for a back up cheese or chili bag, quick reloading of bags, and airtight control. The machine also contains a peristaltic pump to dispense the cheese or chili sauce, meaning that there will be little food waste in the bag! Also comes equipped with 3 buttons for varied dispensing amounts.