Snow Cone Syrup

Arctic Sno Cone Syrup $7.50/Gallon

Arctic Sno Cone Syrup

Arctic Sno Cone Syrup is made with 100% Pure Cane Sugar.  We use only the highest quality ingredients in these syrups.  Available in the following flavors:



Blue Raspberry

Blue Bubblegum

Pink Bubblegum


Cotton Candy

Fruit Punch


Green Apple

Lemon Lime




Pina Colada


Root Beer


Tigers Blood



Arctic Sno Cone Syrup $3.25/Quart

Arctic Sno Cone Syrup

 Great, tasty shaved ice syrup! 1 Quart Containers (32 oz.). Flip-top pour spout included. – Made with all Cane Sugar 

Available in all the same flavors as the gallons are!

Hawaii's Finest Shaved Ice Concetrate

Hawaiis Finest Snow Cone Concentrate


Want to shave off a few dollars from your overhead? Make your own syrups! Since 1936, these concentrate flavor mixes have been midway favorites.


*All flavor concentrates are special order. These are not typically a stock item, but you can call us to see what we might have available for you!


Snow Cone Cups

Snow Cone Cup

 Crafted from extra-thick, extra-heavy dry wax paper, these Sno-Kone cups are strong enough to go the distance until the last cool mouthful is gone. Cup holds 6oz. 



Snow Cone Syrup Pump $3.99/Each

Snow Cone Pump

Used to pump syrup or oil out of the bottle for quick distribution. For use with gallon sized bottles.  

Spoon Straws $3.50/Bag(200)

Spoon Straws

 Great for use with snow cones, shave ice and slushes! Fun primary colors add a little flair to each treat.  200 per Bag.