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These colorful wristbands are perfect for any event.


Midway's Finest Apple Dip

Midways Finest Apple Dip

For the most authentic taste and truly superior quality, this is the caramel dip you can count on. Great for dipping whole apples- the toppings are up to you! There are many possibillities with this truly fine product.


Cherry Flavored Apple-ez

Cherry Flavor Appl-ez

Take the hard work and heavy lifting out of making candy apples! This mix is truly easy – simply add sugar and water to the mix, cook to 260-300 F, and you’re ready to dip. No messy glucose, no buckets to store and lug. No hassle, no re-crystallization, great taste, great candy!

Concession Pretzel

Pretzel Haus

PRETZEL HAUS HAND TWISTED SOFT PRETZELS are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration or freezing. Since pretzels are never frozen, there's no prep time required. They may be enjoyed at room temperature, but most people prefer them even better when they're warmed.  Just load into a food service merchandiser (150° or less) to heat and serve or heat in a Microwave 15-20 seconds.



We sell single and double tickets.  We carry a variety of colors.  

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Apple Bubble Trays

Apple Bubble Trays

Dress up your caramel and candy apples with this appealing and protective container. It features a stay-shut lock, making apples easy to transport and sell.