Popcorn in Tucson

Jolly Time All in One Portion Pack Popcorn Kits

24 Jolly Time 10.5 ounce All in One Portion Pack Kits - $27.00  

36 Jolly Time 8 ounce All in One Portion Pack Kits - $32.00  

40 Jolly Time 5.3 ounce All in One Portion Pack Kits - $30.00

Magic Mushroom 50lb $28.75

Magic Mushroom

Magic Mushroom is the perfect corn to use when you are making caramel and/or kettle corn.  Magic Mushroom is a hybrid corn grown to pop in a circle versus your typical butterfly corn.  50 pound bag

Morrison Butterfly Popcorn 50lb $34.00

Morrison Butterfly Popcorn 50lb Bag

Morrison Farms popcorn is grown in Nebraska.  This is a high quality butterfly popcorn..

Morrison Mushroom 50lbs $29.00

Premium mushroom popcorn kernels- great for making kettle corn and gourmet popcorn. Pops up in a round shape, making the popcorn easy for coating with cheese or candy!.

Preferred Organic Popcorn 50lb Bag - $65.00

Organic Popcorn

Our organic yellow butterfly popcorn is very versatile with crisp, delicious kernels that are both high-expanding and durable for coating.  They can be used for just about any application, and are a very popular choice for ready-to-eat manufacturers and grocery stores.    All Natural  Farm-grown  Gluten Free  Non-GMO  Organic  Whole Grain

Morrison White Popcorn 50lb $34.00

White Popcorn

Looking for a more tender butterfly popcorn? You have found it! These kernels are great for movie theatre style popcorn, food projects and more! The white corn will make for a good base to add any colors/flavors needed! The kernels are more tender compared to the typical yellow butterfly kernel, for those who prefer this texture.

Popcorn Supplies

Popcorn Bags

Popcorn Bags

Grease resistant popcorn bags.

1 oz Bags - $3.00 for 100 Bags

                - $25.00 for 1000 Bags

1.5 oz Bags - $3.50 for 100 Bags

                - $27.00 for 1000 Bags

2 oz Bags  -$4.00 for 100 Bags

                - $35.00 for 1000 Bags                - $65.00 for 2000 Bags

Popcorn Butter Boxes

Popcorn Butter Boxes

Economical Open Top Popcorn Tub Boxes. Easy to fill! Leakproof 




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Theater Popcorn Bags

Theater Popcorn Bags





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Flavacol Butter Salt


Gold Medal's Original Flavacol -the "secret ingredient" for theater style popcorn. Uniquely fine. Adds buttery seasoning & color. Kosher & Pareve -

35oz Carton

 Each - $3.95

 Case(12) - $37.15

50lb Box - $46.25

Glaze Pop Cartons $3.99/Carton or $37.35 /Case(12)

Glaze Pop

Glaze Pop - the hassle-free way to make sweet popcorn! Easily make Caramel Corn, Kettle Corn, or any of the other great Sweet Corn flavors in the same kettle or pot with your kernels and oil. KOSHER

Cherry Pink



Blue Raspberry


Red Cinnamon

Pop N Glaze

Glaze Pop 50lbs

50lb Glaze Pop

Save by purchasing Gold Medal Glaze Pop in bulk 50lb. box. Flavors available: Caramel,Chocolate, Blue Raspberry, Pop-N-Glaze(Kettle Corn), Milk Chocolate, Red Strawberry, & Maple

From $70.50

Popcorn Oil & Seasonings

50lb Yellow Coconut Oil

Coconut Oil 50lb

Coconut oil is great to use for popping any type of popcorn kernels- easy to clean and great tasting! Yellow oil is great for that movie theatre style popcorn- the color will pop and the flavor is classic!

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50lb Yellow Canola Oil

50lb Canola Oil for Popcorn

FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW – Shelf Life 12 Months – Ready to Use—Liquid at Room Temperature – No Trans Fats – No Cholesterol – Diacetyl Free – Will Not Break Down or Discolor – Sweet Butter Aroma Under Heat – Will Not Scorch or Burn – Recommended Storage: 40°F – 70°F – No Refrigeration Required – Kosher Certified

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Odells Real Butter Topping

Real Butter Topping

FACTS YOU SHOULD KNOW – 99.95% Pure Butter Concentrate – No Refrigeration Required – Shelf Life 12 Months – No Trans Fats – Diacetyl Free – All Natural – No Salt or Artificial Ingredients Added – All Components Manufactured in the U.S. – Recommended Storage: 40°F – 70°F – Ready to Use – Will Not Scorch or Burn – No Sediments—No Separation – 25% Greater Yield than Grade-AA Butter – Kosher Certified

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Peaks Popcorn Seasoning $15.99

Peaks Popcorn Seasoning

32 oz Jar Available in these flavors:

Flaming Hot

Buttery Cheddar


Bacon & Cheese

Kernel Season $15.99

Kernel Seasons 32oz Jars

32 oz Jars Available in these flavors:


White Cheddar

Nacho Cheddar



Garlic Parmesan

Corn Treat 4lb $30.00

4lb Corn Treat Jars

4lb Containers of Popcorn Seasoning in the following flavors:


Buttery Cheddar

Flaming Hot


Garlic Parmesan


Buffalo Breath

Bacon & Cheese

White Cheddar